Blogging for the first time in more than a year

Finally getting down to write here again even though I have thought of doing so throughout these times. I am no longer wandering, but working full-time now instead and ever since then, I never seem to find enough time or strength to write a single post. And as days go by, I can’t help but to think that this is not what I wanted and am losing more than what I would like to achieve.

It’s kinda funny how they matter to me again, but I guess that’s what being a full-time employee is; Itching to blog, take some time off to rethink life, goals, career etc. etc., and travel slow again last year, I looked into 2017’s public holidays and see if there are any opportunities – there I found a great window. 1st & 10th May, just a week apart. Great! I could do 2 weeks of travels with just 8 days of leave. Then it was just down to decide where, and I had only 2 places in mind. Since it was going to be spring/summer, I thought USA would be nice to do hikes and explore at this time. Or Sri Lanka, which I was intrigued after my cousin’s trip there last year. She couldn’t stop praising their cuisine and how beautiful the beaches are. But considering how USA might not be as easy to travel around using public transport, nor do they have as much accommodations catering to budget solo travellers, and flights were not cheap especially since my decision came pretty late, and so my choice of destination was pretty obvious.

So here I am, back after adequate rest and a great time in Sri Lanka. Gonna blog about my experiences there across the next few days or weeks. Hopefully, also get to write about what I wanted to previously. Am absolutely thrilled to share my adventures and information here again 😊

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