Consumed by wanderlust, my bucket list consists of dream trips such as backpacking around the world, travelling with a tent in my bag so that I can roam and camp under the stars where beautiful scenery surrounds me, and many more.

This space is where I document my adventures; although having a preference for solo and slow travel, and have travelled solo in more than 10 countries to date including backpacking across Central America for 6 months, I enjoy all kinds of travelling style and am grateful for every opportunity.

From being a solo traveller to travelling in groups, student traveller to travelling as an adult, budget to luxury travel,  weekend getaway to long term slow travel etc. – I would like to share information along the way that may be useful to others in planning their trips.


I constantly remind myself not to forget making the most out of each day because the last thing I want to realise at the point of death is that I had the time (chance) to do what I want, but did not. Holla if you are chasing dreams as well.