10 Days Taiwan Trip Day 2: Misty Green Green Grassland + Steamboat up on the mountain in Cingjing, Nantou

Cingjing, Nantou County 清境,南投縣Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 7.40.38 PM

Started the day early as we only had a little less than a day planned for Cingjing. Bad bad day to be up in the mountains. It was raining all the way from Taichung to Cingjing.

Cingjing Farm 清境农场 and Small Swiss Garden 小瑞士花园
View of Sheep's Show from the audience seats.
View of Sheep’s Show from the audience seats.

Weather was so bad that I could only hear the voice of the host, not seeing him, a lot of “meh…meh…” noises as well just not the sight of sheep when the show just started.

Shortly after the Sheep’s Show was another performance, with a “standing ovation” of course.

Miniatures at the Small Swiss Garden
Miniatures at the Small Swiss Garden

Small Swiss Garden (entrance fee included in Cingjing Farm’s ticket), small but sweet and nicely decorated. A pity with the weather in the way of a highly instagrammable place.

Cingjing Farm Entrance Fee: NT$160 (weekday) NT$200 (weekend) NT$80 (with a Youth Travel Card), inclusive of entrance to Small Swiss Garden.

Dinner provided by Starry Minsu
Dinner provided by Starry Minsu

Though a bad weather for exploring, it was perfect for steamboat which was included as dinner from our accommodation.

I would highly recommend staying at least 2 nights up in the mountains after this trip. There is more than just Cingjing Farm 清境农场 which you spent almost 3hrs travelling to, and you simply cannot visit the rest all in a day.

Gan Cheng Station, Taichung 台中干城車站
Gan Cheng Station, Taichung 台中干城車站

Directions from Taichung: Board Nantou Bus from Gan Cheng Station or THSR Taichung Station. There is no need for transfer and it brings you all the way to Cingjing. | Price: NT$240 one-way or NT$450 return | Schedule: 08:20AM and 12:40PM | Time: approx. 2h20mins 

Accommodation for the night: 清境觀星園景觀山莊 | Price: NT$4100 = NT$820/pax inclusive of breakfast and dinner

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