Weekend Beach Getaway to reload on Vitamin Sea


I think it is safe to say that vacations has become a part of our life. Even as we work full-time, we are always looking for opportunity to go on holiday, weekend getaway especially if it is a long weekend, or even just a 2D1N staycation (which is very popular among Singaporeans). It is evident that people are always looking forward to taking a break from their daily routine. I mean, who wouldn’t want to, everyone wants to enjoy life.

And there is not a difference when I was travelling long-term, especially when I found something I would like to do while on the road, and requires me to stay in a particular place for a longer period.

Taking up a 50hr Spanish course in Antigua required me to stay in the same hostel where there were also many other foreigners who each have their own commitments, it was nice that we made arrangements to make a weekend trip together in between our daily life to do a little bit of surfing and unwind at the beach.

Felt so good being washed by the waves over & over again at sunset, also watching the sparkles of a campfire and chatted over a few cans of beer by the beach, bonding with our accommodation’s owners & their friends. We were also in for an extraordinary time, realising that it was the wedding anniversary of our hosts, we headed back to our accommodation and relaxed in their pool before heading out to party at a local bar. So crazy it was.

Just happened that there were some sort of contest going on there, men were seen donned in flashy outfits dressing up as women, competing for the most beautiful title. Everyone was pretty high at the scene, so were we, cheering for the contestants and dancing whenever the music is on. So much dancing was done that night, from Latin music to English pop songs, swinging from one person to another. Could be constantly spinning till you crashed onto a chair before another person invites you for another dance shortly after. Think the only way out is to leave the place. May be physically draining, but I absolutely did enjoy it anyway.

Apart from being at the right place at the right time, with the family being such nice people to hang around with, we managed to click really well, almost feeling like we have known each other for ages though it had actually only been a day since we met. It was such an honour being invited by our hosts to a seafood feast in celebration of their wedding anniversary. The soup was so delicious by the way that I could not even stop indulging nor look away from my bowl of goodness while everyone was posing for a picture.

Being treated with such remarkable hospitality from our hosts & co., we made a second trip there, blessed with good company and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets overlooking the Pacific Ocean just before ringing in the New Year.

If you are looking to make a trip to this amazing place – Iztapa – that has amazing people & hosts like ours, fyi, we stayed at Surf Shack Iztapa, and you can find them through their facebook page or their website where a detailed information on How to Get There is included.

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P.s., miss this place so much and hope to return & visit my friends there soon. P.p.s., may have a lot of the same p.s. across my Central America’s trip posts.

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