The world’s best 2016 New Year fireworks display

At 12 midnight on 1st January of each year, people welcome the New Year in all sorts of style. Some of the notable ones this year was: Tokyo, Japan, welcomed 2016 by releasing helium balloons near Tokyo Tower as the clock struck 12, and the traditional ball drop in New York City as people gets showered in a blizzard of confetti. But the most common one has to be Fireworks Display. Though a regular, there were definitely some that stood out among others. Watch how the rest of the world welcomed 2016 after Samoa, the first county that ring in the New Year.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Despite the horrific fire that broke out on New Year’s Eve in one of downtown’s luxury hotel, Dubai welcomed 2016 with a stunning fireworks display from world’s tallest skyscraper – the Burj Khalifa. Sparks could be seen flying off this 828m building and its surroundings, coupled by water fountain show at its base which made it extra impressive.

As a fan of fireworks that goes off “level by level”, I was definitely mesmerised. Another similar kind of fireworks display is the one at Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s sky was brightly lit as a dramatic set went off Sydney Harbour Bridge, dancing to a playlist of 12 minutes long. It did looked magnificent especially with mirrored-effect, courtesy of the river. But $7 million – the rumoured budget for this spectacular show. Do you think it was worth it?

3. London, England

Now a lot of people are questioning whether Sydney’s or London’s New Year’s firework display was better. (London for me). The fireworks first went off the iconic London Eye as Big Ben rang at the stroke of midnight on 1st January, followed by it dancing to a set of pop music. Upbeat and interesting, it does have the lively vibe that is perfect for this occasion. I also like the view it provided over all the photogenic buildings in the area.

4. Hong Kong

I was like “woah~ 夸张 (exaggerative)” when watching this for the first time. The fireworks were displayed over a wide area which would make me think if I will be able to see everything if I was at the scene. Was rather fast-paced, leaving no space to catch a breath. Classic celebratory music was played in the background as well, heightening the feeling of a New Year.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In awed with the crowd more than the fireworks. Maybe this is what it’s like to celebrate festivals in a big city with high population. I would too like to watch fireworks by the beach while swimming in the sea one day.

Antigua, Guatemala

Not the best, but this was where I welcomed 2015, standing at the plaza by the Yellow Arc. I see them stepping up its game this year. Ringing in the new year away from home, friends and family could have been depressing, but I was fortunate to have a bunch of lovely friends there with me.

Hope everyone was able to spend the first day of 2016, and also to spend more time whenever it is in the new year, with their loved ones.

A bless year for all I wish! Happy New Year!!

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